UPT2S strategic partnership “Upgrading Trainers in Dual Vocational System”

UPT2S strategic partnership “Upgrading Trainers in Dual Vocational System” (Facilitating the function of Internship  Supervisor in Alternating Training)

This strategic partnership is funded by the European Union through the Spanish Agency : Servicio Español Para la Internacionalización de la Educación (SEPIE).

The objective is to facilitate the trainer's function of the internship supervisor in the context of work-study training.

For this, resources are created to help professionalize and improve the skills of internship supervisors. These resources will be posted on the site https://upt2sproject.com/ and can be used through the design of a smartphone application.


Spanish carrier : EFA la Malvesia

 Based in Valencia, La Malvesia offers training in several sectors: Forestry, environmental conservation, landscaping and floristry, agricultural production. She has been participating in ERASMUS programs since 2007.




  The Regional Federation of MFR in Brittany is leading a European consortium which brings together 20 MFRs from Brittany.



  DEULA - Nienburg is an accommodation located in Nienburg / Wesser. It offers horticultural training, animal husbandry, plant production, agricultural machinery, renewable energies and floristry.





Järvamaa Kutsehariduskeskus is located in Särevere and conducts training in veterinary assistantship, aquaculture, horse production, agricultural production, road construction, building, cooking, services and logistics




  Srednja skola is located in Bedekovcina and offers training in construction, agriculture and medicine.





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