MOBILITIES: Vocational education and training

The chartered MFR in Brittany involved in allowing european mobility for their students

Logotype Agence ERASMUS+ France As a network of MFRs in Brittany, we want to promote off-site mobility activities in order to promote the acquisition of formal, non-formal and informal skills in a European and international economic context.

The Regional Federation of MFR (FRMFR) of Brittany engages in its mission of network facilitator, MFR spread throughout the Breton territory.

The project aims to improve the employability of young people through the acquisition of new professional skills operated in the context of a reciprocal approach of pooling knowledge while being in conformity with the diploma frameworks. Besides, the training masters and teachers of each MFR work together on the internship objectives so that each young person can discover the host company, the organization, the progress of the tasks and the responsibilities to be entrusted.
The MFRs, under associative status and under contract with the State and the Brittany Region, aim at dual training and the social and professional integration of young people. As such, immersion in a European country must allow young people to better adapt to the jobs of tomorrow.
To live a new experience, by different professional practices according to the host countries, while discovering the cultural peculiarities guarantee of openness and personal fulfillment, must allow a greater creativity to blossom in our society which must be European and citizen.
European mobility is within the reach of all and allows:
- The practice of a foreign language,
- The acquisition of new professional skills,
- The knowledge of the other, its culture, its way of life, its traditions,
- The surpassing of oneself and the taking of responsibilities.

The challenge is that every young person can, after their training course, become a committed and proud European citizen to create the jobs of tomorrow and improve Europe's competitiveness.

To finish, the FRMFR wants to mobilize teachers really involved in an educational mission with young people. Their responsibilities are great in the implementation of the mobility project but also in the implementation of work-linked training, the educational project, the follow-up of the company / MFR relationships and in the social and professional integration of the young person. To this end, the FRMFR aims to enable 8 teachers to experience European mobility for a week, in order to meet the objectives of the MFR movement, which is to boost the educational and pedagogical teams by strengthening their skills and competences in the future and update their knowledge to progress and innovate in their practices. The pooling of experiences helps to improve the quality of relations with European partners and particularly institutions, host companies and social partners to allow recognition of qualifications and skills acquired, including in non-formal situations. The comparison of training systems is rich in teaching and makes it possible to apprehend another reality which is a support for taking distance from one's own practices.

You are Erasmus+ We are Erasmus+: VET Mobility Charter form and guidance  published The pooling of experiences is organized at FRMFR level with the aim of creating regional cohesion on all issues related to European mobility and thus projecting on the level of the valorisation of these mobilities during organized events : general assemblies but also days of departmental or national educational groupings. The impact for these teachers is to benefit from an increase in skills to better support the mobility of young people and to ensure that more and more of them benefit from this experience and to offer to existing partners and those to come unfailing support

A charter has been signed with the Erasmus + France / Education Formation agency.

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